IZSLT – Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Lazio e della Toscana “M. Aleandri”


The Instituto Zooprofilattico del Lazio e della Toscana “M. Aleandri” (IZSLT) is a public health agency based in Rome, Italy.

It deals with research, testing and diagnosis of animal diseases and zoonoses, the control of the safety of food of animal origin and feed, research of contaminants in food, of “policing the usage of medicines”, epidemiological surveillance, research current and finalised and international cooperation.

Within IZSLT, the Beekeeping Unit reflects the objectives of the IZS on beekeeping.

Currently the Unit is coordinating a project to monitor the state of health of hives in south-central Italy (European pilot project “Epilobee” on the health of hives), research against major bee diseases (eg. Varroa destructor Plague American and European) and characterization of beehive products (eg. characterization of the honey produced in the Majella National Park in Italy). This type of analysis of the activities have the objective of arriving at a brand or label that can further enhance the honey produced in the Park for the benefit of local producers, ensuring at the same time that the recognised product is actually produced within the area of ​​origin.

The presence of the partner IZSLT within the project is motivated by the need to have a reference laboratory for:

  • Characterization of the honey by sensory examination and analysis of the pollen spectrum to identify the plants of interest and nectar pollinifero used by bees to produce honey.
  • Survey (using field kits) the Plague American bee (AFB) disease for which the area is now free, though scattered in the Province of the Western Cape.
  • The IZSLT will provide the necessary support to the activities of the field with the presence of a veterinarian. This will be an indispensable service needed for sampling of pathological bee material (bees, wax, honey).

The choice of the experimental protocols, standardization of sampling methods and the establishment of a reference database will be supported by the operative for the necessary technology transfer.

Visit their website at www.izslt.it/apicoltura.