African honeybee - photo by Joe SmereczanskyThe objectives of the Eden Honey Bee Project involve the organization and training of beekeepers in Conservation Beekeeping, in areas such as managing the beehives, production and sale of honey and other hive byproducts by drawing up guidelines for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of bee diseases.

By Conservation Beekeeping we mean putting the conservation and the wellbeing of the honeybee first. This results in excellent beehive health and smaller quantities of high quality honey and less harmful to the honeybees.

The project also helps with the creation of a local beekeeping association, implementing rules such as database registry of beekeepers and apiaries in the area of census study, monitoring the bees for detection of infectious and/or parasitic diseases in the area, and setting up websites for the beekeepers to share information and keep up to date with current activities.

The Eden Honey Bee Project aims to promote the importance of protecting and enhancing the Fynbos and the Honeybee Biome; both of which are key elements to maintain the now fragile ecosystem which are currently being threatened. This study of the Fynbos plants and honey characteristics are done with the involvement of expert biologists and botanists from all over the world.

We aim to raise public awareness in the importance of conserving the bee as well as collecting and producing honey ethically and organically, as well as the benefits it has on human health.


  • Creation of an AFB-Free Bee Sanctuary
  • Designation of Protected Origin
  • Development & Protection
  • Local Visibility & Public Awareness
  • Public Education (children & adults)
  • Creation of Local Bee Cooperative
  • Creation of Local Lab
  • Research, Analysis & Collaboration
  • Training Professionals
  • Regional Conference